Abu Dhabi, 29 October 2019: SENAAT, one of the UAE’s largest industrial investment holding companies, today announced the launch of a dynamic, innovative, and world class Leadership Development Program to drive SENAAT’s ongoing development of Abu Dhabi’s industrial manufacturing sector and take it to the next level. This will enable the company to continue to support Abu Dhabi’s economic diversification and further fuel its long-term growth.

The purpose of SENAAT’s leadership program is in line with the directives of the UAE’s visionary leadership to foster national expertise and qualify a new cadre of talented change agents capable of achieving the objectives of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, UAE Vision 2021 and the UAE Centennial 2071. It aims to prepare future fit leaders fully capable of harnessing their potential to lead the growth of SENAAT as well as the industrial manufacturing sector, thereby supporting Abu Dhabi’s socio-economic output and growth.

The RUAD – SENAAT Integrated Leadership Program combines academic-led education and values-driven leadership programs led by SENAAT in collaboration with Harvard Business School, Talent Enterprise, Eruditus, and Alliance Consulting.

RUAD, which means ‘pioneers’ in Arabic, is set to commence this week. It is divided into four streams of courses based on the level of work experience – Tamkeen, Tatweer, Qiyada and Riyada. Each stream is tailored to develop specific set of skills and provide knowledge to hone leadership qualities that are imperative to their roles and responsibilities.

The program includes online assessments, executive coaching, on-site training, project assignments and speaking engagements. The Riyada stream, which is the final stage of the program, entails on-campus training for C-suite management at Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, following which the participants will share key learnings with their colleagues during a two-day HBP facilitated workshop in Abu Dhabi.

H.E Dr. Mohamed Rashed Al Hameli, Chairman of SENAAT, said: "The fulfilment of Abu Dhabi’s long-term vision revolves around empowering its next generation of industrial leaders. Without talent suitably equipped to exploit the exciting opportunities that the future holds, it will be hard for such vision to become a reality. It is therefore incumbent on every organisation in Abu Dhabi to take the initiative in meeting this challenge and collectively build a pool of talent that will enable the emirate to compete effectively in its chosen sectors across the world. SENAAT is playing its part in implementing its own leadership programme and I look forward to its graduates repaying our investment in them by contributing to Abu Dhabi’s long-term economic success."

Commenting, H.E Eng. Jamal Salem Al Dhaheri, CEO of SENAAT, said: “We are delighted to launch SENAAT’s leadership program, bringing together the very best of leadership training in partnership with best education experts. No matter the depth of future planning that is put into achieving business or economic goals, we need robust leadership capabilities to turn those visions into reality. In today’s times, this becomes even more important than ever as organizations have to chart the course through challenges and opportunities in an increasingly fast-paced and rapidly changing business environment.”

Eng. Jamal added, “Aligned with our continuing Emiratisation initiative, this will further inspire, equip and empower a generation of determined Emirati leaders to drive industrial sector growth forward by enhancing competitiveness and improving productivity.”

Mahmood Al Hameli, Senior Vice President, Business Support, said: "The RUAD program is a core part of SENAAT’s Integrated Leadership, Learning and Development framework, which aims at developing the human capital in a way that supports key business and national priorities; as well as ensures a steady influx of leadership cadre. It has been designed carefully to advance our leadership diversity, unique talent, skill sets and capabilities towards the growth and prosperity of SENAAT."

Al Hameli added: "SENAAT has made significant progress over the years. However, the challenges of tomorrow could be different from the challenges of today. It is important to be well-equipped to deal with the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow to sustain growth and champion a bright future. As such, the curriculum is focused on real-world skills and concepts with a practical approach towards solving business challenges."

“Through the program, we will train around 150 employees, which represents 10% of Emiratis across the group. From a personal development perspective, it provides clear pathways for career progression, helping employees move onwards and upwards into positions of greater seniority and responsibility.”

SENAAT has implemented a diverse portfolio of advanced and highly sophisticated human capital development courses and knowledge transfer initiatives for employees to become more valuable assets for the organisation.

Following a strategic plan to support the national Emiratisation program, SENAAT has achieved an outstanding Emiratisation rate of 66 per cent at the organizational level and 71% at the leadership level in the holding company. Over the last 3 years, it has successfully placed 431 Emirati employees throughout the group, while retaining a significant portion of 1324 Emiratis in the same period. By 2020, SENAAT aims to recruit 500 Emiratis across the group.