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Building & parking access regulations:

Kindly see below specific security procedures followed by Etihad Towers for your kind consideration:

  • Visitors can use the valet parking service in front of Tower (3) at Etihad Towers. Visitors to stamp the valet parking card at “Senaat” reception desk on the 41st floor, Tower 3.
  • Visitors can park in Basement 1 parking, except for the Waitrose parking area.
  • Visitors are requested to present a valid ID to Etihad Towers reception located at the ground floor (P2) of Tower 3 in exchange for the visitor card to Proceed to “Senaat”.
  • “Senaat” access cards are collected at the Company’s reception on the 41st floor. All guests will be escorted by the reception staff to the designated meeting area.
  • Visitors to SENAAT are requested to keep their access card visible at all times while on the Company’s premises.
  • Visitors are requested to return SENAAT access cards to the Company’s reception, stamp the valet parking card and collect cards to access Etihad Towers and the parking area to avoid any charges.
  • Visitors are requested to go to the Etihad Towers reception at the ground floor (P2)) to return the visitor card and collect their ID.